FIREHOUSE: Pregnant FL Firefighter Denied ‘Light Duty’ Assignment

A Florida firefighter who is seven-months pregnant is being told she will have to carry out her normal duties until she gives birth.

Nicole Morris, 35, said she is struggling to endure 24-hour shifts as she nears the end of her pregnancy, TC Palm reports.

But the 2016 contract between the International Association of Firefighters Local 2201 and the Indian River County Emergency Services District prohibits her employer from assigning her to modified duty.

“Right now I’m scheduled to work until the day before my C-section,” Morris told TC Palm.

Morris, a 10 year veteran of the fire department, has about 500 hours–or two months–of paid time off saved, which she plans to spend with her newborn baby once it arrives, TC Palm reported.

She’s been given no accommodations, which her doctor insists is unhealthy both for her and the baby.

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